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operculum terra
Lorem Nigrum Viriditas Obex cum perforata ad Plantarum

Lorem Nigrum Viriditas Obex cum perforata ad Plantarum

Designed to facilitate the planting of vegetables and seedlings and improve planting efficiency

Size and Spacing of Holes: Accepet Customization


1. On the original weed barrier, holes are punched through the machine. The size and spacing of the holes can be customized according to customer needs.

2. Generally used in large vegetable or Seedling plantations. Reduce labor, thereby improving planting efficiency.

Item Black Weed Barrier with Holes
Rudimentum 100% New Polypropylene and U.V
Machina conexos Circularis Weaving Machina
Colores Nigrum, album, Brown...
Location foraminis
Aliquam accipere
Iusto Gram Pondus 100gsm, 110gsm et 120gsm
Common Length 100M et 200m
Common Width 1m, 2m, 1.5m.

Stipare in volumine cum charta Tube, PE saccis et

color label

Product Italiae Commodum Collegit

(1) According to the size and spacing required by the customer, use a machine to punch holes on the ground cover, which is convenient for cultivation, saves labor, and improves planting efficiency.

(2) Quality Inspection Center

Pro details, quaeso, nostram "Quality Control Processeur" in Qualitate & columna certificandi perscribe

In retis agriculturae industriam maxime habemus inspectionem instrumenti qualitatem perfectissimam, qualia sunt QUV, Fabrica Fortitudo Tester, Shading Rate Tester, Rudis Materia umor Tester, etc.



Mainly used in large-scale vegetable planting and seedling cultivation