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Alba Rhombic HDPE Avis Nettes ad Hortum

Alba Rhombic HDPE Avis Nettes ad Hortum

Designed to prevent birds from entering orchards and crops, thereby increasing crop yields.

Main Colors: Dark Green, White, Black

Main Mesh Sizes: 15x15mm, 20x20mm


1. The anti bird net with Rhombic is made of high-strength Monofilament threads and added with about 3% to 5% of anti-ultraviolet additives, so that the product can prevent large birds and insects from damaging crops for a long time.

2. In addition, due to the large mesh, water, air, and light can pass through perfectly without affecting the normal growth of crops.

Item Bird Netting with Rhombic
Rudimentum 100% Virgo HDPE + 5% UV
Machina conexos Stamen Knitting Machina
Colores Alba: Nigrum
Commune Gram Pondus 20GSM Ad 45GSM
Opening Size 15x15mm, 20x20mm.
Maximum Productio Latitudo 16m
Length 100m, 200m...
Usus vitae 3 5 annis,

Stipare in volumine cum charta Tube, PE saccis et 

Color Label

Product Italiae Commodum Collegit

(1) Habemus plusquam viginti cubitos acus duplices in stamine connexionis machinis, ita ut maxima latitudo producti 20m attingere possit, ut variis clientium necessitatibus occurrat.

(2) The Opening Size, color and Product Size can be customized according to customer requirements.

(III) QUV (Accelerata Tempestas Tester) 

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Solus est fabricare cum probatore QUV in HDPE Net Industry Sinarum. Lucem simulans, senescit accelerans producti, ut usum vitae producti experiatur, ut elit requisitis occurrat.

(III) Quality inspection Center

Pro details, quaeso, nostram "Quality Control Processeur" in Qualitate & columna certificandi perscribe

In retis agriculturae industriam maxime habemus inspectionem instrumenti qualitatem perfectissimam, qualia sunt QUV, Fabrica Fortitudo Tester, Shading Rate Tester, Rudis Materia umor Tester, etc.



Widely used in various orchards, vegetable plantations, etc.

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